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ESSER III Teacher Meeting 05-13-21

On May 13, 2021 at 3:45 p.m., Dr. Coy Holcombe, and Asst. Superintendents Stan Sowers and Deanna Haynes met with teachers to discuss possibilities for ESSER III Funds.  Also present was Teri Clark, Administrative Assistant.


Teacher and non-teacher employees in attendance included Sherri Purselley, Cindy Whorton, Cindy Babcock, Jerri Davis, Josh Cheek, Tricia Corder, Cassie Munden, Cody Taylor, Vickki GoDair, Shannon Milner, Vickie Goodell, Shawnn Oliver, and Lauri Pitman.


Dr. Holcombe asked the teachers to discuss items that they felt would enhance the educational experience for our students, specifically regaining lost learning opportunities due to COVID-19.


The employees responded with the following suggestions:




  • Additional teaching and aide positions
  • Use aides for duties to free up certified teachers for planning
  • RTI kindergarten and math RTI
  • Math manipulatives
  • Nurse needs – SPOT vision tester ($7000) and Madsen Alpha OAE hearing probe ($4000)
  • Indoor play area
  • Additional elective offered




  • Vertical Alignment planning among all campuses
    • Clarification from teachers on problems they encounter
    • Preliminary planning done at campus level, then as a group
    • Planning done during an in-service
    • Focus on core subjects
  • Math RTI program expanded
  • Training on math manipulatives and math methods
  • Water Fountains
  • Mentoring Minds
  • Expressed concerns about too many pull out programs
  • Small groups preferred to computer programs or more devices




Middle School


  • New 8th grade greenhouse elective
  • Additional positions – 8th grade writing and math intervention teachers
  • Science Equipment
  • Mentoring Minds
  • Read 180


High School


  • Virtual reality program
  • Additional non-lab science position



At 4:51 Dr. Holcombe thanked each of them.  He asked that if they thought of anything else they would like to discuss to please email him directly.