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Our Performances

Gloria Mundi play   Gloria Mundi 
by Patricia Brown
2009-2010 UIL OAP

James Hampton and Nathan Bennett received ALL STAR CAST
Honorable mention awards.  Jay Phipps & Megan Bell received
awards in outstanding technical achievement.

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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf 
by Tom McCabe
2009-2010 Fall Children's Play
  Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

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The Diviner's The Diviner's
by Jim Leonard
2008-2009 UIL OAP
Brandon Cawthon and Taylor Davis received ALL Star Cast
Honorable mention awards.  Jordan Smith and Jake Lucas
received outstanding technical achievement awards.

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The Princess & The Princess
by Colleen Neuman
2008-2009 Season Show
Fall children's play that was performed for the Eustace
Primary & Intermediate School students.
See The Princess & The Princess on an embedded player
See The Princess & The Princess on an external player
  princess play

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The Trojan Women  
The Trojan Women
by Jean Paul Sartre

Directed by Jessica Bates Pearson and Chad Bentley
Spring 2008
A play on the devastation and destruction of the Trojan war, captivating
 the lives of the women left from the horrible event.  The classic play is
timeless and forces us to look at the pity and waste of war. We took our
play farther than before and had a wonderful bonding experience that
we will remember for a lifetime!

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The Cost of War
Written and Directed by Timathy Dorman

December 2007


Click pictures for a larger image
Left:  Brandon and Tiffany  
Right:  Matt, Haley, Tiffany and Brandon

Best Drama at the 1st annual short play festival. 
Best female in a leading role:  Tiffany Faz
Outstanding Actor:  Brandon Cawthon

3rd Annual Showcase and Sweets Dec 2007
Scenes and Improv from all classes (Theatre 1-4)

brandon tiffany brandon tiffany

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tom jones play  
Tom Jones
Fall Play 2007

A farce - the life of Tom Jones was a blast; we added dance and
modern was soooooo much fun!

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The Angelina Project
OAP 2006-2007
Region Alternates
On Easter Sunday afternoon, 1911, Angelina Napolitano, a twenty-eight-year-old Italian mother of four, killed her husband with an axe as he lay asleep in their bedroom in Sault Ste. Marie. The Angelina Project is an extension of that event, in which three generations of women come to terms with the violence which has shaped them. The script moves between Toronto of today, the Sault of 1911, and the mythical world of Clytemnestra whose murder of her husband broke all taboos. {Guernica Editions}
  The Angelina Project

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dark of the moon play   Dark of The Moon
by Howard Richardson and William Berney


Student Directed by Junior Timathy Dorman and Senior Rebekah Lemaster 
This perennial favorite is based on the haunting ballad of "Barbara Allen." Employing a large cast and imaginative settings in the Smoky Mountains,
it recounts the story of a witch boy who once beheld the beautiful Barbara Allen and immediately fell in love with her. He is given human form to woo and marry her on the condition that she remain true to him. The marriage
is consummated and Barbara gives birth to a witch child whom the
midwives burn. In a frenzy of religious revival Barbara is led to betray her witch boy husband, breaking the spell. She dies and he returns forever to
the world of the mountain witches. Samuel French Inc.

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Waiting For Lefty
by Clifford Odetts
(OAP 2006)
* Directed by: Jessica Pearson
* District Champs
* Area Qualifiers
* Tons of Individual Awards

The action of the play is composed of a series of varied, imaginatively conceived episodes, which blend into a powerful and stirring mosaic. The opening scene is a hiring hall where a union leader (obviously in the pay of the bosses) is trying to convince a committee of workers (who are waiting for their leader, Lefty, to arrive) not to strike. This is followed by a moving confrontation between a discouraged taxi driver, who cannot earn enough to live on, and his angry wife, who wants him to show some backbone and stand up to his employer; a revealing scene between a scheming boss and the young worker who refuses to spy on his fellow employees; a sad/funny episode centering on a young cabbie and his would-be bride, who lack the wherewithal to get married and, finally, a return to the union hall where the workers, learning that Lefty has been gunned down by the powers-that-be, resolve at last to stand up for their rights and to strike—and to stay off their jobs until their grievances are finally heard and acted upon by those who have so cynically exploited and misused them.
Dramatists Play Service, INC.

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the servant of two master play  
The Servant of Two Masters
by Carlo Goldoni

(OAP 2005)
* Directed By: Jessica Pearson
* District Champs
* Area Qualifiers
* Multiple Individual Awards at both District and Area

A cross between traditional Italian commedia and postmodern vaudeville,
this new version of Goldoni's classic pits the madcap servant Truffaldino against masters, mistresses, lovers, lawyers and twenty-seven plates of meatballs. Imagine a Bob Hope or Woody Allen comedy written by Monty Python and performed with the physical bravura of Chaplin or Keaton—
with places in the script for ad-libs and audience participation. Dramatists Play Service, INC.


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