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Our Mission
The Eustace ISD's Theatre Arts Department's mission is to provide students with opportunities to participate in a variety of theatre arts activities that allow them to explore the elements of theatre and drama. 

  Eustace ISD Theatre Arts provides a program which gives students, regardless of ability, environment, or ethnicity, the opportunity to develop his or her own unique artistic talents.


The theatre arts curriculum emphasizes the development of students’ creative capabilities, growth in knowledge and skills, the unfolding of aesthetic awareness, and the integration of academic and social skills.

Classroom Expectations
Theatre 1-4 Students are expected to learn and apply all aspects of acting. Students will learn the basics of Theatre Arts including but not limited to: vocabulary, theatre history, acting techniques, directing, and intro to play writing. The students will be assessed by group projects, stage performances, and written exams. At the end of the first semester they are required in the winter showcase, which is an opportunity for the students to show the community what they have learned.
Tech. Theatre
The Students are expected to learn and apply all the elements used in producing a play. This includes but is not limited to: lighting, set design, directing, play writing, stage management, scenic painting, costume design, make-up design, building design, and sound design. The students are assessed by attendance, participation, and occasionally written exams. These students are required to work on all EHS productions!
Theatre Production This class is for advanced theatre students.  They will participate in the fall children's production, the UIL One Act Play & may attend the annual Texas Educational Theater Association's Scholarship Competition, Convention & Workshop."
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2017 - 2018 School Year
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