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Main Number 425-5191  
FAX 425-5148  
Head Start Office 425-5140  425-5136
Special Edu Office 425-5340  
Adams, Shelby   Principal
Gray, Julie Asst. Principal
Cantrell, Rebecca 425-5321 Kitchen Manager
Estrada, Banessa 425-5136 Head Start Office
Faz, Alice 425-5140 Head Start Office
Martin, Pam 425-5187 Nurse
McClaskey, Kim 425-5189 Secretary
McConathy, Debbie 425-5191 Receptionist
Sowers, Sandy 425-5113 Counselor
Temple, Kim 425-5174 TIS
Ward, Danessa 425-5102 Library

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2017 - 2018 School Year
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