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Medications During School Hours

Dear Parents,

We realize that there are times when your youngster may need medication during the day at school.  We are more than happy to help!

The school personnel who give medication to your child appreciate the importance of this responsibility.  In order to protect the safety of both the student receiving the medication and other students in the building, district medication guidelines have been established.  These guidelines are consistent with state law and are specifically designed to prevent any mishaps.  We want all of our students to be healthy and safe!

Medication includes both prescription and non-prescription medications and includes those taken by mouth, taken by inhaler, which are inject able (epi-pen), applied as drops to the eye or nose or applied to the skin.  Please help us to safely offer medications by supporting the following guidelines:

  • The studentís parent/guardian must provide the school with written permission and request to administer any medication.  These forms are available in the school office and are valid for the current school year only.

  • We must also have a written order (in addition to the bottle label) from the physician that includes the studentís name, name of the medication, dosage, time to administer, how to administer, the duration of the medication, the reason for it and any side effects. Doctors may fax them to the building but we cannot take them over the phone.

  • The medication must be delivered and picked up by an adult in its original, labeled container.  Students and school personnel may not transport medications.  

  • If your child goes on a field trip that is longer than the normal school day (i.e. Six Flags), we must have on file a Physicianís written order that provides medication information for a 24-hour period.

  • School personnel will document the administration of medication.

  • We cannot make any changes in the administration of medication such as time of day or amount without the specific written order of your childís Physician.

  • Prescription and medication supply renewal is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  We will let you know when the medication supply is running low or the expiration date is near.

  • Individual school buildings may set a designated time for administration of medication.  The parent/guardian shall be informed of this time and may communicate it to the Doctor for writing order.  If an exception to the designated administration time is needed, the physician is requested to send a written explanation.  We do try to have consistent medication schedules since two trained personnel are required to safely deliver medications and in an effort to limit intrusions on your childís learning time.

  • We are unable to cut or divide pills.  Oral medication must be supplied in the exact dosage.

  • Students may self-administer and self possess inhalers and epi-pens if directed to do so by their Physician.  All other guidelines still apply.

As you can see from these guidelines, we take the administration of any medication very seriously.  Without these guidelines the door is open for miscommunication or the mishandling of medicines.  We want to prevent problems before they arise and ask that you follow the guidelines as strictly as possible for the safety of our children

Thank You,
Pam Martin, R.N.
School Nurse

Eustace ISD School Medication Form - please fill out, print and return to the school nurse.

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