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Don't Get Shocked
by Electricity

Electricity can shock, burn or kill you!  electric poleContact with electricity can seriously hurt you and sometimes even be fatal if you don't know how to take precautions!  It's not only power lines that can kill or injure you if you contact them, you can also be killed by a shock from an appliance or power cord in your home.

People who work with electricity are specifically trained, they use special protective gear.  You do not have training or this special gear, so stay away from danger!


Learn more about electricity with
this fun interactive site from
The Electrical Safety Council

     Stay Safe and Avoid an Electric Shock!


Never climb utility poles or play on fences around substations.


Keep electrical cords and wires away from heat and water.


If you are touching water, never touch electrical devices such as light switches, hair dryers, curling irons, or toasters.


Never pull on electric cords to unplug them.


Don't put your fingers in a lamps light bulb socket.


If you see a fallen electrical wire, stay away!


Disconnect appliances before cleaning them.


Tell someone if you see a frayed cord.


Never swim during an electrical storm.


Don't touch overhead wires when you're carrying a ladder, pool skimmer, or any other long object.


Don't climb a tree that has power lines running through or near it.


Don't use an electrical appliance when you're wet.


Tell your parents about damaged plugs and cords on outdoor and indoor appliances.


Don't touch anyone or anything that is touching a downed wire.

 Why do people get shocked?

Electricity flows through water almost as easily as it travels through the wire that brings electricity to your house.

Your body is 70% water. So if you touch electricity, it will flow through you, and you will be badly hurt.

The amperage of the electric current and length of time you're in contact with it, determines the injury.

Call 911...
if you see downed power lines
or sparks coming from
electrical polls!
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What is Lightening and how it works:   During Lightening...
lighteningElectrical charges develop inside a storm cloud.

Positively charged atoms go to the top of the cloud. Negatively charged
atoms go to the bottom.

If the negatively charged atoms become too crowded, they "jump" to
another part of the cloud, to a different cloud, or to the ground.

This jump causes a huge spark of static electricity called LIGHTNING! 

seek shelter in a house or large building. Stay away from windows and metal objects,
such as radiators.

Get away from water.

Get away from wire fences, clotheslines, & metal pipes.

Stay low to the ground. Go to a ditch or other low area. (But watch out for sudden floods.)

Stay under a large group of trees.

Stay in the car, if you're in one.

Let go of anything you're carrying that's made of metal.

Do Not:

Fly kites or model planes.

Stand under a lone tree.

Stand in a flat place.

Go inside a small shed.

Ride a bicycle.

Use a phone, unless it's an emergency.

Be the tallest object around (Remember, stay low to the ground!)

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