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Primary School:  Pam Martin RN
Intermediate School:  Nicole Pace
Middle School:  Markie Saye
High School:  Ashley Borden

What is a School Nurse?

"A school nurse is like an encyclopedia in a school.  Most students find it informative and full of useful material.  Some students refer to it daily, weekly or several times during the school year.  Most students know where it is kept and its availability.  Other students have difficulty locating it.  A few students prefer not to use it except in an emergency and then they learn to treasure it. 

Some of the school faculty are proud to have this book in their collection and refer to it often, while others consider it just another book.  Some faculty members appreciate this great book, but others do not. 

This book is handled carelessly by most of the people and it has no place of its own on the bookshelf, like other books.  It is shifted around and may be found in the most inconspicuous places in a school.  In an emergency, the cry goes out over the public address system so everyone can try to locate the valuable book.  This encyclopedia may be found anywhere in that large school - confusing someone in the yard, hallway, restroom, boiler room, on stairs, in a classroom, in the teacher's lounge, cafeteria, gym, or even in a corner behind a door with its pages torn and cover bent."

- Author unknown (September 1996 NASN Newsletter)
Helpful Nurse Links

bullet  Pertussis
bullet  Info and FAQ's about Head Lice
bullet  Facts About Steroids
bullet  Staph Infections
bullet  Bacterial Meningitis
bullet  NIDA Natl. Institute on Drug Abuse
bullet  Healthy Youth - Center for Disease Control and Preventionn



What you should know about the FLU...


The Flu:  How do you know if your child has the flu?  What are the symptoms?  How do you protect your family when one member has the flu?  The answers to these questions and many more can be found in the articles below:

    bullet  Facts and Tips about the Flu
    bullet  Preventing and Treating the Flu
    bullet  Preventing and Treating the Flu (Spanish)
    bullet  Information Regarding the Flu (Swine Flu)

Links You May Need for School
     Immunization Requirements
     List of Immunization Requirements
     Medication during school hours
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