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Eustace ISD has a library on each of its four campuses.  Books may be checked out for a period of seven days for students in grades 1-8; students in grades 9-12 may check out books for three weeks.  Kindergarten students read their library books in their classroom.  Books may be rechecked as many times as necessary.  Fines for late books are five cents per school day. 

H   Susannah Smith, Library Aide
Eustace High School         
The High School has 13,935 books.  Last year 391 new books were added to the collection.  The high school has over 1,000 audio-visual materials and 86 class sets for use by classroom teachers.  There are two computers in the library for student use and subscriptions to three online databases (Gale, TexShare, and World Book online) for student research that may also be accessed from home.
is a free virtual reference center with dictionaries, encyclopedias, thesaurus, maps, quotations, newspapers, current events, etc.

M   Andrea Williams, Library Aide
Eustace Middle School         
The Middle School has 8,679 books, adding 332 books last year.  In addition, the library has a collection of books on tape to assist in and enrich the reading process for students who enjoy listening as they read along.  As part of their Reading class requirements, Eustace Middle School students participate in the Accelerated Reading program.  Students with a minimum of 125 AR points are rewarded in May with a field trip. At the middle school, we are emphasizing research and writing skills using both written and electronic sources. The library has seven computers which the students use for testing, research, and other activities.  Middle school students have access to World Book online at school and at home.  We believe that being able to search out and understand information is an important life skill which, along with reading skills, will be of value throughout our studentsí lives. 
I   Sara Goswick, Library Aide
Eustace Intermediate School         
The Intermediate Campus has approximately 8,250 books in the Library, having added about 425 in the past year. Different reading programs the students are involved with include the Accelerated Reading Program, in which students take test over books they have read in their STAR reading levels.  The tests measure a student's comprehension ability and help the classroom teacher to better serve each individual need.  In December and again in May, students can spend accumulated AR points at the AR Store.  Also in May, students who earn at least 100 AR points for the school year are eligible for the AR Field Trip.  The Texas Bluebonnet Books are available for students to read and then go online to vote for their favorite book.  In January, third, fourth, and fifth graders are given the opportunity to earn a free Six Flags ticket by reading for six hours.  Twice during the school year the Library hosts the Scholastic Book Fair, where students, parents, and teachers can purchase favorite books.  The Library has three student computers for AR testing, and one computer the students can use for the card catalog on computer.
P   Tara Holland, Library Aide
Eustace Primary School         
The Primary School has 7,383 books, adding 700 books recent years.  To promote reading, the primary school hosts Family Reading Nights throughout the school year for each grade level.  Kindergarten, first, and second grades also participate in, Read to Succeed, and Accelerated Reading programs. Students that are qualifying participants in the Read to Succeed Program earn a ticket to Six Flags. Accelerated Reading promotes literacy and comprehension. Each studentís individual reading level is gauged by taking the Star Reading test. Awards are given based on their certification level success. Top Dog status is determined by certification level percentages.


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The Texas State Library and Archives Commission, the Texas Education Agency, and the Region 20 Education Service Center
are providing all Texas public schools with a comprehensive, extensive online reference database package from EBSCO Information Services. 
This service is available anytime, anywhere to students, studentsí immediate families, and school staff.  To access this service, you may click on the
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