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bullet  What is "Offer verses Serve"?
bullet  What is a pin number?
bullet  How do I put money in my child's account?
bullet  If I need assistance to pay for meals, what do I do?
bullet  My child is on free or reduced priced meals, why does the cafeteria make him pay?

What is "Offer verses Serve"?

"Offer -v- Serve" is a plan to allow students to choose at least three to five food components for lunch and have their meal still meet the requirements of a reimbursable meal.  This gives your child the opportunity to choose the foods he would prefer, or  your child may choose every menu item on the published menu for the same meal  price.

What is a pin number?
The pin number is your child's cafeteria account identification number.  This pin number is required every time food or drink items are purchased from the cafeteria.  Students will get their pin number from their teacher the first day of school.  Students enrolled in the Primary and Intermediate schools will have the same number each year they remain enrolled in the Primary and Intermediate.  Students entering the Middle or High School will receive a new number for the period of time they remain enrolled at that campus.  If they forget their pin number, they can always check with the cashier or the cafeteria manager.

How do I put money in my child's account?
You or your child can put any amount of money in their account at any time.  For younger students, we suggest putting the cash or check in an envelope with your child's name and their pin number written on the envelope and on the check.  If you are paying by check, you will have to put your driver's license number and your birth date on the check.  This money will stay in your child's account until he uses it.  If he does not use all the money this school year it will be refunded to him at the end of the year.  If you have two students at the same school and want to put money in their account with one check, put the check with your driver's license number and birth date, in an envelope with all student's names, pin numbers, and how much you want to go in each account.  The cafeteria manager will gladly take care of this for you.

If I need assistance to pay for meals, what do I do?
Students will bring home a free or reduced priced meal application the first day of school.  Follow the directions on the application; be sure the application is complete with all information requested.  Return application to the school secretary or bring the application to the Food Service Office in the Special Service Building behind the Middle School.  The processing of an application can take up to fifteen (15) days at the beginning of the school year, five (5) days during the year.  Once the application has been processed we will send a notification letter in the mail with the household's eligibility.  Until you receive notification you qualify for the meal program you will need to send breakfast/lunch money or a sack lunch with your child.

My child is on free or reduced priced meals, why does the cafeteria make him pay?
Possibly your child is going through an ala Carte line instead of the plate lunch line, or they may be getting extras like ice cream or an extra milk.  The free and reduced meal program provides a plate lunch or breakfast; any extras have to be purchased with funds you provide.

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If you have any questions please feel free to email the Food Service Director.

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