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bullet  September 

  • Make sure you are registered for the classes that your prospective colleges require
  • Refine the list of schools to which you wish to apply
  • Write for (or download) catalogs and applications or see counselor for information
  • Make a detailed list of test names, dates and fees; registration deadlines, college application deadlines; and financial aid applications and deadlines.
  • Ask your teachers, guidance counselors and employers for letters of recommendation.
  • Register and begin studying for the SAT and ACT tests again if needed.

bullet  October 

  • SAT & subject tests - click for dates
  • Take the SAT and ACT tests again if necessary.
  • Meet with counselor as needed
  • Some private universities may require you to register for CSS/Financial Aid Profile at this time
  • Work on essays and personal statements, if needed
  • Submit completed applications to college admissions
  • Check housing availability at the colleges to which you are applying.  Residence hall space may be limited.
  • See information regarding teacher and counselor recommendations above.
  • Register and begin studying for the SAT test.

bullet  November

  • SAT & subject tests - click for dates
  • Obtain financial aid applications from your high school guidance office or college financial aid administrator.  Or call 1.800.4FED.AID toll-free.
  • Tyler offers meetings for parents/students with college recruiter
  • Meet with counselor, if needed
  • Continue to submit applications as completed--most applications completed by the end of the month
  • See information regarding written teacher and counselor recommendations above
  • Continue working on essays and personal statements
  • Investigate scholarship opportunities by visiting the Eustace Counseling Departments Scholarship site.
  • Take the SAT test if you haven't already done so
  • Register and begin studying for the ACT test

bullet  December 

  • SAT & subject tests - click for dates
  • Meet with counselor, as needed
  • Apply for outside funding and scholarships
  • Ask your parents to save their year-end payroll stubs if they show earnings for the year.  You can use this information to start filling out the FAFSA in January.
  • Contact colleges to obtain any financial aid applications they require in addition to the FAFSA and find out their deadlines.  Private campus aid is often on a
         first-come, first-served basis.
  • Register and begin studying for the SAT and ACT test
  • Take the SAT and ACT tests if you haven't already done so
  • Some colleges reply

bullet  January 

  • SAT & subject tests - click for dates
  • Late application DEADLINES!
  • Meet with counselor, as needed
  • Submit FAFSA application as soon a possible after January 1.   Access the FAFSA application on the Web at:  Applications aren't
         accepted before this date and federal grant funding is limited.  Be sure to deep a copy of your application.
  • If you are a male and haven't yet registed for the Selective Service, complete the check-off box on your FAFSA or register at a US post office.  Men who are
         18-years or older must be registered to be eligible to receive federal financial aid.
  • Register and begin studying for the ACT test
  • Take the SAT test if you haven't already done so

bullet  February

  • Check to see if your high school has mailed your mid-year transcripts to the colleges to which you've applied.  Colleges require transcripts before making
         their final decision on whom to admit.
  • Take the ACT test if you haven't already done so.

bullet  March 

  • About four to six weeks after you submit the FAFSA, you'll receive the results in the form of a Student Aid Report (SAR)
  • Send the SAR to your chosen colleges, if they haven't received a copy.  The SAR will tell you the amount of money your family is expected to contribute
         (expected family contribution or EFC), and whether you qualify for the Federal Pell Grant.
  • Arrange for letters of recommendation--give recommendation request, any forms, and stamped addressed envelopes to teachers 3 weeks prior to deadline

bullet  April 

  • SAT test ONLY - click for dates
  • Review financial aid award letters from the colleges and decide which college to attend.  The letters describe the amount of assistance you'll receive -- usually
         a combination of grants and scholarships, work study and student loans.
  • Inform the college of your choice that you accept its offer.
  • Apply for Federal Stafford loans as needed.  Your parents also can apply for a Federal PLUS loan.  Submit loan application based on the school's procedures.
  • College visits
  • Meet with counselor, if needed, to discuss options
  • Applications due for local scholarships to the counseling office as requested.
  • Take the SAT and ACT tests if you haven't already done so

bullet  May 

  • SAT & subject tests - click for dates
  • Take the SAT test if you haven't already done so
  • Students reply to colleges--May 1 is final reply date for most schools. (Make sure you return housing contracts and pay fees by deadline.)
  • Notify the other schools that you will not be attending
  • Final check with counselor
  • Post-Secondary plans (Arranges for final transcript to be sent to student's school of choice)
  • Local Scholarships
  • Congratulations!  Now that you've taken all the required courses and test to prepare for college, it's time to prepare for some fun.  Remember:  Your
         graduation is around the corner and the good times are about to begin.
  • Graduation May 27, Congratulations!!

bullet  June 


bullet  July 

  • Take advantage of this two-month summer break.  If you're working, hoard all the money you can.  It will come in handy in September.

bullet  August 

  • You're on your way to college where you can make the most of your opportunities, have some fun and get down to work.
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