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Band Director - Todd Felty Asst. Band Director - Crystal Heidle

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The weakest link in the chain is where the chain will break.  Don't be the weak link in our band.   BE THERE!!! 


Band Objectives 


bullet  To help develop a clear-thinking American Citizen
  bullet Learn proper sense of values
bullet Develop good work habits
bullet Assume responsibility
bullet Develop proper competitive spirit
bullet Develop a cooperative attitude
bullet Develop a winner's attitude = self discipline, desire, dedication, and determination
bullet To work for a continuous musical growth in the school and community
  bullet To develop  an appreciation of good music
bullet To encourage high standards of musical performance
bullet To maintain a well-organized instrumental program
bullet To encourage the student to continue his musical experiences after high school.
bullet   To continue to the spirit and the morale of the school through the pep rallies and football game performances.
bullet   To develop co-operation and team work to a degree not possible in academic subjects.
bullet   A superior band helps to develop character, good behavior and provides students with an ideal "out" for their energies
bullet   In addition to the rewards from discipline and hard work one also belongs to a band because its fun. There is a genuine exhilaration in making music,
        in playing a concert, in being part of a thrilling half-time football show, in leading a parade down the street and in being able to be part of a uniformed
        band. An amazingly high percent of American scientists and people of note have played in a band.
Creating a Tradition of Excellence!  


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2017 - 2018 School Year
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